Terms and Conditions

  1. Disclaimers
    B&T Energetics makes every effort to ensure stock tables for online shopping are kept up to date, however there may be a delay in updating the stock tables when cash sales are made. If you order a product that has run out, we will contact you to discuss alternative arrangements.

    Since hand loading procedures and components of a shooting system (firearm) used by an individual are beyond our control, B&T Energetics and our associated entities disclaim any and all liability for any damages injury or death that may result. Furthermore we disclaim any liability for any injury, death or damage that results from the use of our products, whether that product is out of specification or not. The onus is on the end user to verify the integrity and measurement of any projectile before using it. If you find a projectile that you believe is out of tolerance, please contact us for a warranty replacement. Under no circumstances should you attempt to use such a projectile.

  2. Backorders
    Some of our products are available for backorder, and are subject to varying lead times. Most backorders will be filled in 2-3 weeks, subject to component availability. As some of our components are sourced from other suppliers, we sometimes have to wait for them before we can fulfill an order. If you are placing a large order it is best practice to contact us first to discuss lead times.
  3. Follow a guide – Reload safely
    For the safety of the purchaser and others, B&T Energetics’ projectiles must be used in accordance with the latest edition of a respected reloading guide. Overloading, incorrect storage or improper use can result in personal injury or death to the user and/or other persons as well as damage to property. You should always start with a safe load below minimum pressures and slowly work up looking for pressure signs; maximum loads may not be safe in your firearm. Furthermore, maximum or high pressure loads are often not the most accurate load – don’t chase minor gains in velocity for a significant loss in accuracy and safety. Reloading can be a safe and enjoyable hobby, however care must be taken to ensure that the processes and loads you use do not result in harm or damage to yourself, your firearm and equipment, or others.
  4. Lead Exposure
    The metallic element lead can, at high exposure levels, cause birth defects, reproductive harm, or other serious medical problems. Lead is present in all of our bullets, and the reloader may be exposed to lead when handling reloading components (including fired cases); as well as shooting or cleaning firearms or reloading equipment. Simple guidelines will limit your exposure and result in your hobby remaining a safe one.

    Observe good personal hygiene. Wash hands thoroughly with soap as soon as you finish handling ammunition, shooting, or cleaning firearms. Simple hand washing is the best step to minimise lead exposure.

    Never eat or drink while reloading. Failing to follow this simple rule means that lead residue on your hands goes directly into your body. Keep your hands away from your nose and mouth while loading. If you smoke, wash up thoroughly before taking a smoke break, and take that break well away from powders and primers.

    Avoid breathing dust in the loading area. Have your loading room properly ventilated. If you use dry case-cleaning media, wear a dust mask when charging and emptying your case cleaner. The media can become charged with lead from fired cases.

    Clean the reloading area regularly. This prevents the buildup of dust that may contain lead. Wipe horizontal surfaces with a damp cloth. Regularly use a damp mop on hard floor surfaces, and avoid reloading in areas with a carpeted floor or rugs.
  5. Credit Card Information
    You may be asked to supply certain information relevant to your purchase through our site, including credit card number, the expiration date, your billing address and your shipping information. By submitting such information, you grant us the right to provide such information to our third party fulfillment service provider to facilitate the transaction. You agree to pay all charges that you incur on the Sites at the prices in effect when incurred, including without limitations any shipping and handling charges and taxes. You represent and warrant that you have the legal right to use any credit cards used in connection with any transaction.